All of the Things!

Every Video/ website I didn’t get a chance to share with you (I just hope the videos only do a link instead of the video ’cause that would be really hard to load them all).

BTW if you question why some of these are here, it’s ’cause I was going to relate them to something else, or make jokes about it. I just didn’t get a chance to. Even if you had come home when I was expecting you to, I wouldn’t have been able to go through them all, so I just don’t care anymore.

Ending on a bit of a sad note for that last one… Anyway, the pictures situation is still undecided, but they will most likely be here. Someday. Maybe I’ll have to get a tumblr and post them there… Hmmm…





The End

So, guess who came home early.

I didn’t know you were coming home early, and I really do appreciate it, but WHY DID YOU COME HOME EARLY?! I had so much planned. Therefore, when I get around to it, I’ll have another post after this one with the complete list of videos and websites I wanted to send you and didn’t get a chance to (the photos, I’m not sure about yet). But not today.

Today I have a few videos, the majority of them revolving around the one video, but who cares.

The single video is one from NerdCubed, a Youtube let’s play-er I love. He made this video after he returned from “Canada”…

Adorable, right?

Now the second video was upon Emma’s repeated request. I figured you would have already heard it, but before you came home, it related to our situation (kinda).

Now, even if you have seen 2NE1’s Come Back Home video, I’m 90% certain that you have yet to watch this particular parody of Come Back Home done by Eat Your Kimchi.


Well, it was nice having this to connect with you. And I know I don’t see you everyday so… Don’t leave this behind you just yet… ūüėČ

Missed Monday

Today’s the day. Emma and I get a comeback we’ve been waiting for, and I show you a video from I series I have been waiting to be updated.

I’m going to start with the latter because the comeback was something I heard about later and I feel like I’m being a little confusing.

So it wasn’t until after¬†episode 10 had been released that I found Darksideincorporated’s Yu-Gi-Oh! GX the Abridged Series, but that did stop episode 10 from being¬†loved. This episode seems to have been created only to make fun of Sebastian, who gradually became my favourite through this. I feel very nostalgic watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX even though it’s only been about 4 years since it was cancelled. I enjoy this every time I watch it, and can not wait to talk to you more about it.

AS FOR THE COMEBACK… Block freakin’ B came out with their new single “Jackpot” after releasing this great teaser…

…which, no offense to EXO’s comeback teasers, I became much more excited for “Jackpot” than for “Overdose”. Maybe it was because it was posted when I expected it to be. But it still blew away my expectations, and all the boys did well in performing. They pull reference from Very Good/ Be the Light, in opening with their clown masks on, Taeil’s fork and knife violin or even Kyung’s whip. They also reference Nilili Mambo in their ending. I don’t know if that last part was on purpose but I still really appreciated it.

Block B’s looking good with new hairstyles and individual suit colors. It’s a really good way to once again see that although they are a group, they are still able to show their personalities and styles. Check it:

I think if I replaced the¬†main female lead¬†in this music video, I still wouldn’t like carnivals. No matter how much I love Block B, they can’t convince me to like a carnival by throwing knives at me or intimidating me. NO SERRY BOB.

I would’ve waited to show you this with EXO’s comeback, but as I said, the video was not posted when I expected it, and has yet to be posted D: . Oh well, they still did their live show.

Now, I am going to watch some of their other live show performances, so excuse me.

Missed Tuesday

I know that the girls shown in The Most Popular Girls in school are the kind of girls we would make fun of if we ever met them, but I feel as if that’s the point of this show. You’ll know when you watch it.

They’ve got lots of special fan videos like Top 10 X Moments, The Trisha Show, Supercuts etc. and the series became so popular they have an online store, and are already on season 3. You’ve got a lot to catch up on.

It’s been a long week, even if I have Thursday and Friday off to look forward to. I still have to perform every night and I have so much homework stock piled, I’m actually worried about failing. Anyway, I refuse to shove my problems on you, I better go.

Did I Miss Something?

So, I apparently haven’t missed a day this week, even though I thought I had. But I did change my plans a few different times. So today can be the day that I post what I had planned on posting earlier this week (those are going to be extras posted after this one).

Since you’ve seen Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, I thought you might appreciate knowing the true villain of the whole series.

Pretty sure I had the same expression you do. Pretty crazy right? You should write a paper arguing this guy instead of your book/ movie review.

Haven’t got a lot of time, but I really wanted to show you this too:

It’s Hotel King!!!

I really wanted to show you this ’cause it’s the K-drama N is in!¬†He doesn’t have a very large role though. He plays a bell boy in the series, but his role is still very important as the main character tries to get his hotel back up to standards after the chairman is commits suicide (though it is strongly hinted that it was a murder!!¬†Can’t wait to chat about it!!). They’ve only got up to episode 4 on Viki since this was posted but it’s allowing me to have a much easier time keeping up with it than My Love From the Stars (though I really love that too). Enjoy!


Love ya sister. See ya when I see ya.

Finally, Tumblr Pictures!

I don’t personally have tumblr, but I love tumblr screen shots and some tumblrs. I like your’s. It’s usually super cute ūüėÄ . And seriously, if you guys ever need my help with it, I am usually just a phone call or facebook message away.

Anyway, back to today’s post.

I have assembled a fine collection of tumblr dashboard coincidences, funny note conversations, or just genuinely funny/ odd posts. think of it as a mini tumblr.























































Taemin Minho



P-A-R-T-Y right? It’s things like this that really make me consider making a tumblr account. But I worry about the poor souls it has already taken. I’m afraid my own soul belongs to another for the moment…

K 1 Kai3



VIXX Cooking? VIXX Cooking!

This may be the end of VIXX week, but you never know. These boys will be on this wordpress¬†again. I may even do another VIXX week. But I guess we can take a little break from them. I know, you wouldn’t want that would you? Naw.

But don’t worry, I’ve got lots of other groups under my belt (and on my iTunes), I’m sure you’ll love.

You’ve seen EXO cooking and you’ve seen Super Junior Happy Cooking Cooking, but have you seen VIXX cooking? I’m going to hope not. My favourite thing about this though is that these boys aren’t great at cooking. Except Leo, he could totally be a barista with Xiumin and Chen.

[Insert banana euphemism here] ON another note, I really love the face they make when they pull out the bread afterwards. It’s just so cute. And maybe, if you read everything that’s subbed you’ll see what my next post is going to be about.

Now in this next one, they’re cooking for their fans again, ’cause they’re like that. And they’re very silly¬†again, ’cause they’re like that. But on the bright side, spoiler alert, they actually make this properly!

Since I had posted this with a mistake it’s fixing time. Different song, different artist, but you’ll recognize them immediately.

And on a side note, I don’t think you know how much homework I’ve just let go of recently. It’s really bad. I have to read like a lot of Ces Enfants D’Ailleur, which may be one of the most boring French books I’ve ever been forced to read. Actually. Did you have to read it? I don’t remember. Anyway, type you next week!