VIXX Week! MTV Diary: Family Meeting

So of all the bands I like that you don’t seem to (B.A.P, Trouble Maker, Batoost, Block B, TVXQ!/ JYJ, I could go on) VIXX is definitely the one I want you to love the most (but TVXQ! and JYJ are a close second!!!). So I have decided to dedicate a whole week to them!!!

To begin this week, we have a special episode of VIXX’s MTV Diary. VIXX is probably one of the most childish groups at times, and I’m not letting them get away with it just because Hyuk is young. Hyuk is one member.

Anyway, in this video we see the VIXX boys joking over a little incident on stage. I feel like you watching it is probably better than anything I can say about it before so, yeah. Just tread carefully. They get quite silly. With quite yummy snacks.

(I don’t have much comment on the beginning except “BOYS BOYS BOYS” so I would start at about 3:16. After that point is the part I’ve commented on.)

See what I mean? They talk about fart jokes, over snacks, in front of, I think, their manager. These boys just don’t know when to stop! Which is why this is also the first installment of VIXX Week: My Week to Show You My Favourite VIXX Videos Because I Love Them A Lot. Yes it’s a very long title I know.

As part of this, I shall be leaving one of their songs that doesn’t have a music video at the end too. This week’s is Love Letter. I hope that hearing this, redeems them a little for that last Diary and shows you their mature side. And oh my goodness, Ravi gets to sing in this one!!! I was soooo happy!!!

Hope you enjoy it. It’s from their mini albums Hyde and Jekyll (it’s from both because Jekyll is “Hyde Repackaged”. They added two more tracks to Hyde and re-released it. Eh, I don’t make the rules).

Au revoir, mon chèrie. À demain. (I really hope I got those accents right).

Bye bye ❤


Llamas with Hats? Llamas with Hats!!!!

Guess who’s back…? “The llamas are back, and they’re still wearing hats!”

Oh my goodness, how we loved Llamas with Hats. I mean it started with Episode 1, and then we watched Episode 2 right away. We quoted it all the time and then came Episode 3. And Episode 4 was after that.


It came out yesterday, but I wasn’t sure that you’d seen it. 🙂 I can’t wait for this…

Just to recap, though I’m sure we could still reenact every episode, here’s a compilation of Episode 1-4.

My favourite episode is still Episode 2, but Episode 5 is probably a close third. I do love all of these but of course I try to pick favourites cause I’m that kind of person.

So the new episode:

It’s pretty much a party. “Happy Birthday! … You’re probably not going to like your birthday decorations…”

Alrighty then, talk to you next week ❤ Hope you enjoy some baby hands.

Dance Over a Break Up

Remember when we were going to choreograph a dance? ‘Cause I do.

And from what I remember, this dance is kind of along the line of what I wanted to do. Except not.

Really, I just liked this dance a lot, felt the need to share it, and this was the best place I could think of. I don’t like using facebook.

And since I don’t know how much you’ll care about that dance, I figured I’d shove some sexy Super Junior (mostly Eunhyuk) dancing in your face too 😉 . (Seriously; shirts come off and thrusting occurs. You’ve been warned).

And with that, because I’m tired, I leave you for the rest of the day.

Until tomorrow.

VIXX Facts!

Hey, so I hear you like VIXX. And that you really want to like them even more. Whether you like it or not. 😀

I’m pretty freakin’ excited if you couldn’t tell. And since I’ve decided it’s going to VIXX Week next week (there’s nothing special about next week, it’s just next week and I want this ASAP) I wanted to give you even more introduction to them first.

So I present to you VIXX Facts, mostly found on (I’m trusting you with this only because I don’t plan on posting any more on WordPress; I feel like the person who made this worked really hard, and I would prefer to showcase their work instead of steal it).

Also, these are in a certain order so each is subtitled. It’s to help you put names to faces (hopefully).

All Members:













N (HakYeon):

 1 N

1 N2

1 N3

1 N4

1 N5

1 N6

1 N7

1 N8

1 N9

1 N10

1 N11

1 N12


Leo (TeakWoon):

 1 Leo

1 Leo2

1 Leo3

1 Leo4

1 Leo5

1 Leo6

1 Leo7

1 Leo8

1 Leo9

1 Leo10

1 Leo11

1 Leo12


Ken (JaeHwan): 

1 Ken

1 Ken2

1 Ken3

1 Ken4

1 Ken5

1 Ken6

1 Ken7

1 Ken8

1 Ken9

1 Ken10

Ravi (Wonshik): 

1 Ravi

1 Ravi2

1 Ravi3

1 Ravi4

1 Ravi5

1 Ravi6

1 Ravi7


1 Hongbin

1 Hongbin2

1 Hongbin3

1 Hongbin4

1 Hongbin5

1 Hongbin6

1 Hongbin7

1 Hongbin8

1 Hongbin9


Hyuk (SangHyuk): 

1 Hyuk

1 Hyuk2

1 Hyuk3

1 Hyuk4

1 Hyuk5

1 Hyuk6

1 Hyuk7

1 Hyuk8



Hongbin + Ken: 

2 Hongbin Ken


Hongbin + N:

2 Hongbin N2 N Hongbin22 N Hongbin





Hongbin + Leo:

2 Leo Hongbin

Hongbin + Hyuk: 

2 Hyuk Hongbin

Ken + Hyuk:

2 Ken Hyuk

2 Ken Hyuk2


Ken + Leo:

2 Ken Leo




Leo + Hyuk:

2 Leo Hyuk


N + Leo:

2 Leo N


Ravi + Leo:

2 Leo Ravi2 Ravi Leo


N + Hyuk:

2 N Hyuk


N + Leo:

2 N Leo


2 N Leo2

Ravi + Hyuk:

2 Ravi Hyuk


Ravi + Ken:

2 Ravi Ken

Ravi + N:

2 N Ravi

2 Ravi N

2 Ravi N2


2 Ravi N3



I fear I may have gotten a little confusing with the Duo pics, but I believe in you. You can pick up on specific and odd facial features very quickly. I don’t usually know exactly what sets someone apart from others, it’s “you just don’t look like him”.

Though I’ll be totally honest with you in saying, it took me the longest to figure out who was who between Ken and Hyuk. Like a long time no matter how long I studied.


P.S. Grain of salt missy, grain of salt.


Running Man: f(x), Wonder Girls, Sistar, SHINee, Super Junior

Although it’s not all of the members of the previously mentioned groups, one of each is featured. These ones in particular:

f(x) – Sulli

Wonder Girls – Sohee

Sistar – Hyorin

SHINee – Minho

Super Junior – Siwon

And even though you’ve probably had the time, I bet you haven’t watched a lot of Running Man other than Big Bang. And I did enjoy the Big Bang episodes, I really have enjoyed watching the other groups I listen to on Running Man (i.e. – MBLAQ, Nichkhun, Eunhyuk, etc.). So I just decided to show you this one and may send you some more. Maybe if there’s a group I think you’d like. Like these girls groups, FABULOUS. And Hyorin’s got some attitude in this episode. So…

yeah. I really enjoyed this one. Especially at the end because all of them have a surprisingly hard time with math. Anyway, super funny, always loving it.

I also really enjoyed this next video clip, which is just an extra for me more than you. Minho goes on a bit of a rant, talking about how hard it is to perform some songs live because of his deep voice. I laughed a lot, when watching this, maybe I mentioned it to you?

Either way, I feel like part of the reason I laughed was because of the subber. Really, just watch it…

Can’t wait to decide on what I’ll show you next week!!!

Guess Who’s Back? It’s Simon

Crazy, right? Me using two of the same person in the same week… Just crazy…

Anyway, Simon has Martina for this video. It’s an extra from an episode of Star King that they got to be on. Simon is, I think, about 6”2ish, so you can imagine how 4 members of Super Junior (you’ll have an easier time than me identifying them) react upon standing next to him. Just saying it’s pretty funny.

And then the Eat Your Kimchi team tells the boys to do special poses with their introductions, oh it’s just adorable. Just watch it:

Anyway, I just love this too much.

I’m posting this right after writing it. Can you guess what class I’m in right now?

Have a good day bb!