Hello Counselor – K.Will, EXO and IU

Alright so this is a thing. I accidentally referred to this video the last time we were chatting about Hello Counselor so uh… here’s the one I was talking about with IU, K.Will, Kai and Lay. The only really funny part that stands out in my head is the introductions because names gets messed up, dances are sexy and singers know what they’re doing, but too well. Either way, I insist you watch this!!!

Hope you love it!


Adventures in Jedi School

Hey check it out, free time in math class. I gotta tell you, I am so bored right now, and I also feel bad cause I feel like my typing is distracting people, but if I wasn’t doing this, I would be doing homework which would be more louder typing.

So Cracked and Grace present you with this.

Hope you enjoy it.

P.S. Tell me if you do, so I can send you more or not!!

SHINee: Photo Edition


You know these guys, right chickie? Well, since I don’t believe SHINee needs any more introduction than these pictures, I’ll just leave you to them (I’m really tired today…).

1 Jong

1 Key

1 Key2

1 Key3

1 Onew

1 Onew2

1 Onew3

1 Onew4

1 Onew5

1 Onew6

1 Taemin

1 Taemin

2 Jong Minho

2 Minho Onew

2 Taemin Key

4 Key uh uh Jong

5 All

5 All2

5 All3

5 All4

5 All5




So yeah. If you care, Jonghyun is probably my favourite of the group (but only cause he’s super cute and I find him the easiest to point out now besides Onew, who has his charms). I mean, they are all cool, hot guys who can work it, but sometimes you just got to pick a favourite.

ILY bb, I has sum homewerk D:

Royal Pirates Part 2

I noticed that you had put Royal Pirates on your blog. So to get to know them a little better, I’ve found this.

After School Club, I be half-heartedly lovin’. Eric Nam is my favesies, cause he’s super cute and funny, but Moon steals the show at 18:00 with his Bane/ Batman. Seriously. And James gets adorable after, ’cause he has a little fake fangirling moment. Ugh, just watch it…

Also this is the only completely English episode I’ve ever seen, and although they all speak Korean in the back stage it’s subtitled!!! Usually the MC’s just translate for the fans. It was upsetting. Even when EXO was on, Kris couldn’t keep in English the whole time.

J says she misses you. Well, that we all miss you. And told me to tell you that there are hoops in the vending machine 🙂

E misses you a lot. She’s at such a loss for words… I mean, that’s not really her style, is it? Oh and YEHET!

Love you, bb.

“Twilight: New Moon – A Bad Lip Reading”

I don’t know if you can tell, but this is my kind of humour. Again.

Like seriously, I don’t know how they could just look at this, and write something that vaguely makes sense with the sort of images that New Moon presents us with. “Stickers are EMBARRASSING”.

I almost did this at school again, but I felt very nervous about doing it.

It’s been a very full week. AND IT’S ONLY MONDAY D:

I’m such a teenager…

Hello Counselor – Super Junior-M And EXO

Hello Counselor; a show I love, if only for some peoples stupid problems. This particular episode features Henry, Eunhyuk and Ryeowook from Super Junior-M and Suho, Kris and Chanyeol from EXO. I thought you might enjoy this, if only from their cutie faces.

I laugh every time I watch this episode (yes, I watch it more often than you may think) because at 31:45 Henry talks to this guy [Stanley] in English and then Kris awkwardly reaches over “Hey, I’m Kris…” (the problem explanation starts at 27:10 if you want more context). 

I may laugh at some of these problems, but sometimes it gets really upsetting too. It’s funny to see how the idols react to everything too. The audience is also very dramatic.

Just tell me if you don’t care for anymore episodes of this, I’ve got a few lined up.

Type to you Monday bb!

Tik Tok ma friend, TIK TOK!

It may have been a while since you watched Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged or a good Kesha parody video, but that won’t stop me from making references to them!

So these are the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged boys, doing their thing and having some fun. Hope you enjoy it to the full extent.

And since I’m in a good mood (2 snow days in a row bich!) I’ll even give you a little bonus…


Probably one of the cutest wolves I’ve ever read about, Wuffle is no joke. I send you this in hopes that you’ll read something I read and that we can discuss it later. Although, I probably should I given you one I read more often…