Practice: Photos

I hope you know, I still don’t know how this works…

The Prologue

ImageWhenever something begins with hope of a future, it has some sort of narrative or origin story to back up, or explain it. This site is no exception.
This was created as a promise to a friend, to send her a video everyday I that I couldn’t see her face. It had to be a video she had not already seen, and one that I had not already shown her. Should I break any of these rules, she was to create a punishment for me.
The rules have changed slightly. Every weekday (Monday to Friday) I must show a video, sound file, cool website/ flash game or a minimum of 20 photos or else punishment will befall me. Also, if I should show her something she’s already seen, she must prove to me that I have already seen it (a reminder will suffice), or I must pre-write that there is a purpose to showing it again. This is all to avoid the kind of cruel punishment she may conjure.
I shall write once more.